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Numansdorp, South Holland

Numansdorp - South Holland

NEW Transaction by RENEW Real Estate:

RENEW Real Estate acquired 3 logistics properties in Numansdorp (South Holland) on behalf of one of its clients.

The seller was a tabaco producer who has been located at this property for 20 years. 

Due to increased demand and a strong growth pattern in the business the seller was in need of extra operating space, but traditional financing was not within reach. 

Therefore, we from RENEW, in consultation with the seller, structured a long term Sale & Leaseback, which enabled the development of 10.000 m2 new logistic warehouse for the seller. 

In that way the Sale & Leaseback enabled the seller to finance the future growth and development of the business without going through the bank.

The object consists of 31.234 m2 LFA, including the new developed warehouse. The plot size is 49.295 m2.

The transaction volume is €27.000.000.